Hey Crew …. I’m not dead … I haven’t stopped playing. Just a few things have been in the way over the past 18-24 months.
1. My Wife gave birth to our first child about 9 months a go ( so my spare time was taken up looking after her)

2. New job cut into my spare time ( Have to pay them bills)

3. Our house was robbed and we lost all our computers, Video Cameras and all but 2 of my Ukuleles ( These computers stored everything for Aloha Steve )

4. I went back to a sport i gave up many years a go ( Competitive Bodyboarding ) and have been doing quite well ( Current Victorian (Australia) Club Champion, State champion and have taken a 5th and 7th place at the last 2 Australian Titles in the masters division)

5. The Video to be Uploaded was on the Computers that were stolen

That sort of brings us up to now ….

So where am i at now ?

1. Believe it or not, This week the video camera with the footage of the episode to be uploaded was recovered and returned….WITH THE FOOTAGE STILL ON IT!

2. I have just qualified for my 3rd Australian Bodyboarding titles

3. I have quit the job that was taking up all of my time to spend more time with my family (at least in the short term)

4. I have new editing software and a new-ish computer

5.I hope to have the lost episode uploaded in a few weeks after re-editing

6. I will attempt to bring you some new episodes ASAP!

I hope that answers some of the questions i have been sent  and i hope to be annoying the crap out of you again really soon


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