Aloha Steve’s lazy guide the the ukulele- Hawaiian Special

Ok folks , lesson 7 Episode 8 of Aloha Steve’s Lazy Guide to the Ukulele- The Hawaiian special featuring the Gilligan’s Island theme & giving your playing the Hawaiian sound.

This episode we teach you the Gilligan’s Island theme and using a Hawaiian Vamp to give your playing that Hawaiian sound and the usual shitty humor and crappy editing

And yes ……..I know…… It’s been a while since i put one of these up, but i blew out an ear drum while surfing a few months back and haven’t been able to hear out of my left side. I’m tone deaf enough at the best of times with out trying to play the ukulele at the same time .

Click on the Link below to download the sheet music for The theme from Gilligan’s Island. It does make it a lot easier to follow the lesson if you have the Sheet music

gilligan’s island chord charts

As for the Hawaiian Vamp  ( D7, G7, C & F) section, Have a play around with these chords see what you can come up with …make the Hawaiian sound your own!

Our Next Episode will be Sonia Dada’s 90’s Hit “Lover, Lover ( You don’t treat me no good)” and we’ll look at Sh#t Ukulele Player say …..

Until then ……… Relax , have a drink, Play some Ukulele and don’t take things so seriously !!!
And don’t forget to look up Aloha Steve & Aloha Steve’s Lazy Guide to the Ukulele up on Facebook for heaps of fun clips and other fun stuff

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