Aloha Steve’s Lazy Guide to the Ukulele- lesson 6 Ep 7- Blister in the sun & how to change your strings

Hey folks,
It’s been a while since I’ve put up an episode due to a number of different factors……… But here we go again with Episode 7, The Violent Femmes- “Blister In The Sun”!

This one is a pretty easy lesson, we have used all the chords in previous lessons and the strum is a fairly basic one as well.

We have a cool muted strum to add into the song which i continuously forget to do and a really cool intro.

We also look at changing the strings on your ukulele to give it a better sound ….. Even though it’s really hard to see past my fat hands.

Click on the Link below to download the sheet music for this song. It does make it a lot easier to follow the lesson if you have the Sheet music

Aloha Steve Blister in the sun

If you didn’t download the Lazy ukulele Chord chart it would be a great idea to download a copy of that as well. The chord chart will help you with every lesson of the Lazy Guide to the Ukulele


Our Next Episode will be our “Giving your playing the Hawaiian sound – Hawaiian Special”

Until then ……… Relax , have a drink, Play some Ukulele and don’t take things so seriously !!!
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