Aloha Steve’s Lazy Guide to the Ukulele Lesson 4 Episode 5 – When I come arond

Lesson 4 Episode 5 of Aloha Steve’s Lazy guide to the Ukulele is up on You Tube and face book and where ever else iv stuck it!

This weeks episode covers Greendays pop punk hit “When I come around”

Im sorry it’s taken a while , but i was away filming the Las Vegas & Hawaiian episode for about 4 weeks. Then i had some major computer meltdowns which formatted my hard drive and i lost a whole episode as well as all the filming.
But we finally got it all together and here it is !

Click on the link below to download the sheet music and lyrics for this weeks episode.


This episode covers the difference between a High and Low G strung ukulele as well as some new chords.

The Next episode is our Las Vegas Ep …filmed on location
But until then Enjoy , when i come around and until next time
People in glass house’s……… shouldn’t have sex with the light on !