Aloha Steve’s Lazy guide to the Ukulele….Is here

Welcome to Aloha Steve’s Lazy guide to the Ukulele

Aloha Steve has been playing the Ukulele and all the Ukulele off shoots for the past 5 years and plans to get you annoying your friends & family by teaching you as many songs and as many easy techniques as quickly as possible.
No in-depth musical theory or musical knowledge, But he will pass on the sort of information that will allow you to bluff your way through any conversation about you new love …The Ukulele!!

Think of it as Ukulele fast food for the brain, totally bad for you…But, OH sooooooooo Tasty!

Each episode will start with some small fact about ukulele’s or playing the ukulele. Each episode will also include an easy to learn song, as the episodes progress and you learn more about the ukulele, how to play songs.

A lot of The Lazy guide to the Ukulele is aimed at total beginners to the ukulele,  BUT,  we won’t be forgetting the intermediate or advanced players. Towards the end of each Episode, after we have taught the basic song ,we will be including Advanced tips to do with that particular song , that may include intro’s, picking or alternate chords.

Another goal of the Lazy Guide to the ukulele is to avoid children’s songs or the really bad Ukulele standard (unless that is the theme of the episode) , we want you to be able to sit around the Camp fire, Beach party,  your wedding or divorce and either lead a sing-a-long or join in with other people playing instruments.

To help you on your way through, the Lazy Guide to the Ukulele, download and print out Aloha Steve’s Chord chart .

Aloha Steve’s Chord charts

Aloha Steve’s Chord chart will help you with every episode of the guide, so it’s a great idea to keep it with your ukulele!
In the first episode of The Lazy guide to the Ukulele, Aloha Steve, will teach you how to work out and read the chord chart and diagrams as well as teaching you the chords you’ll need for episode 2.

Until next time


2 thoughts on “Aloha Steve’s Lazy guide to the Ukulele….Is here

  1. Steve-
    Thanks for the copies of the songs. They are the clearest and easiest to follow. I
    especially like that the chords are in red and that you list the strum pattern. Our ukulele group in California uses them every Saturday. Aloha

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